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We thought the First Day of Autumn (Autumnal Equinox) 2014 would be the perfect day to begin our new blog. There is much more to the arrival of the new season than just the changing of the leaves and pumpkin spice everything. Although the pumpkins are definitely our favorite part.

The September equinox coincides with many cultural events, religious observances and customs. It’s also called the “autumnal (fall) equinox” in the northern hemisphere and the “spring equinox” in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ancient Greece

In many cultures, the September equinox is a sign of fall (autumn) in the northern hemisphere. In Greek mythology fall is associated with when the goddess Persephone returns to the underworld to be with her husband Hades. It was supposedly a good time to enact rituals for protection and security as well as reflect on successes or failures from the previous months.


Aboriginal Australians have, for a long time, had a good knowledge of astronomy and the seasons. Events like the September equinox, which is during the spring in Australia, played a major role in oral traditions in Indigenous Australian culture.


In China the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is celebrated around the time of the September equinox. It celebrates the abundance of the summer’s harvest and one of the main foods is the mooncake filled with lotus, sesame seeds, a duck egg or dried fruit.


Higan, or Higan-e, is a week of Buddhist services observed in Japan during both the September and March equinoxes. Both equinoxes have been national holidays since the Meiji period (1868-1912). Higan means the “other shore” and refers to the spirits of the dead reaching Nirvana. It is a time to remember the dead by visiting, cleaning and decorating their graves.


The Christian church replaced many early Pagan equinox celebrations with Christianized observances. For example, Michaelmas (also known as the Feast of Michael and All Angels), on September 29, fell near the September equinox.

Pagan celebration: Mabon

On the autumnal equinox, many pagans celebrate Mabon as one of the eight Sabbats (a celebration based on the cycles of the sun). Mabon celebrates the second harvest and the start of winter preparations. It is the time to respect the impending dark while giving thanks to the sunlight.

Kousouris Bros. Produce: Good Eats

For us, it is all about the good eats. Fall is such a great time for foodies. We reap the harvest of yum with butternut, acorn and spaghetti squash and pumpkins and apples and pears, oh my. Can you taste it now? Those hearty roasted vegetable soups and toasted cheese sammiches. comforting butternut squash and sage risotto. So many wonderfully delicious things to eat this fall. And we will have them all right here in the warehouse.

Come by and see us. Happy Fall!

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