Discover the Kaki Fruit!

For a very limited time only, we are happy to have this rare fruit available to our customers.

Kaki fruit can be used fresh or dried or eaten just like an apple. The fruit is sweet making it a perfect surprise ingredient for salads, yogurt, juices, sauces and stuffing cakes and cookies.

It is ripe when the fruit feels soft and has a deep red color. If the fruit is still hard, it can be ripened at room temperature. Ripe Kaki fruit can be frozen with no loss of taste.

Our supplies are extremely limited so get your order in today!



It’s apple picking season! So that means apples are our product du jour.

According to AgMRC, every state in the US grows apples, and 29 states raise apples commercially. Washington State produces about 70 percent of the apples in the United States. Other leading states include New York, Pennsylvania, California and Virginia.

Both delicious and crunchy, the apple is a popular and favorite choice for almost everyone. This wonderful fruit is nutrient packed with rich phyto-nutrients, which are indispensable for optimal health. The antioxidants in apple have several health promoting and disease prevention properties, and thereby, truly justifying the adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

  • Healthy Food –  47 calories | 1.8 grams fiber | 120 mg Potassium | 10 mg Vitamin C
  • Extremely Versatile – Pastries | Butters | Preserves | Sauces | Ciders
  • Top Varietals – Red Delicious| Golden Delicious | Gala | Granny Smith | Fuji | McIntosh

Stop by or order a bunch today and take a culinary adventure with this fall staple. With such a wide range of uses, we know you’ll create something outstanding!

Catania Ultima Canola Premium Fry Oil

Our first Produce du Jour isn’t even produce at all. Instead, it is the industry’s finest oil available. And we are happy to be offering it here at Kousouris Bros. Produce. Catania Ultima® Canola is a high oleic canola oil developed specifically for high heat applications.

In addition to its excellent fry stability and unique fatty acid composition, the oil provides improved flavor in the food.

Superior in performance to hydrogenated shortenings, Catania Ultima® Canola contains the lowest level of saturated fats of any commercial food service frying oil, with no trans fats from hydrogenation.

It offers multiple uses, from deep frying and sauteing to recipe ingredients and salad dressings, which can help simplify inventory managements.

  • Ultimate Flavor – Light, Clean Taste
  • Ultimate Nutrition – 5% Saturated Fat | Zero Trans Fat | High Monounsaturates
  • Ultimate Fry Life – 20% More
  • Ultimate Flexibility – More Than Just a Deep Frying Oil

Catania Ultima® Canola is the ULTIMATE choice for commercial food service frying oil! It will not overpower your culinary creation’s natural flavors.

We encourage you to taste the difference. Order some today.

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